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Step-by-step Guide to Pay Publication Fee using Other payment option in Indian Rupees (INR)
(For Author of Indian origin to pay in Indian Rupees-INR)
Four Steps to follow

Step 1: Click "PAY TO PUBLISH"

Step 2: Click "CONTINUE" below the "Other payment option" to pay the publication Fee in INR

which will bring to the below screen

Step 3: Fill all the fields carefully with relevant information as it involves Financial Transaction and click "Next"

Review the given information carefully and click "Pay Now"

Review the given information and click "Next"

Review the given information and click "Next"

Step 4: Select either Credit Card (or) Debit Card (or) Internet Banking (or) ITZ Cash and fill necessary details as per the card issuing bank

Final Acknowledgement as below for successful transactions

Finally, Sooner you COMPLETED an email will be trigerred.

For any support on Publication Fee payment write to editor@theinternationaljournal.org