Role of Academic Research in Higher Education: Prospects and Challenges from an Indian Context

Dr. Pedamallu Venkata Satya Prasad, Tahani Qasim Al Shukaili


Academic research is of paramount importance in the realm of higher education as good research promotes great teaching and learning experiences. Research in teaching offers valuable inputs into the practices and the methodologies with which theories defined in the textbooks are derived, thus, encouraging the students to gain knowledge in ways that exams and assignments cannot impart. The purpose of the current research is therefore, to explore the recent scope, prospects and challenges of academic research in higher education of India. To address the study objectives, a quantitative questionnaire is prepared and distributed among 100 lecturers appointed in select higher education institutions in India. The study provides worthy inferences pertaining to the impact of academic research on the quality of teaching, learning capabilities, teaching methods and curriculum designs in higher education. The evidences obtained indicate that academic research aids in the evolution and growth of Indian higher education by affecting job satisfaction levels of teachers, and advancing teaching methodologies and means followed in institutions. It further assists the teachers in comprehending the competency set of students, and the attention required by them for better academic results. The inferences drawn in the study are eminently useful for the academicians exploring the current research domain.

Keywords: Academic research, higher education, quality of teaching, teaching methodologies, learning capabilities.

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