Impact of Corona virus (Covid-19) and application of astrological prediction on social marketing approach in building brands in India and USA

Rajesh Kumar srivastava


The purpose of the study is to study the effect of social marketing on building brands under corona virus (Covid-19) threat. The other aim of the study is the study the impact of astrological prediction on the effect of corona virus among consumers. It is a both primary and secondary research. Secondary research is done to understand the issues and how social marketing can help in building the confidence and trust level in consumers. It also tries to gather opinion on the astrological prediction and its application towards planning of social marketing. Study which is more exploratory in nature revealed that social marketing approach has built the confidence level among anxious consumers and enhanced trust level. The brand recall and trust for the brand has gone up. Astrological prediction has evoked mixed reaction but has given hope on economic revival as all are expecting lowering of GDP in India and job loss among Indian Consumers. Activities initiated is liked by majority of consumers except daily wage earners who lack the basic understanding of attacks of invisible army of corona virus. Astrological prediction will help in planning accordingly for social marketing.

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