Mashkoor Ahmed Junejo


Education is the basic need of human beings and nation development. Education is the first priority of any civilized nation. It has been observed throughout the history that women had been in the state of oppression, subjugation and had been denied of basic human rights. However, in the current era all over the world, woman education is highly recognized and acknowledged by the various states and many Non-Governmental Organizations. However, in many parts of the world women's education is not given the importance it deserves. The Following study was designed to explore the relationship between the traditional values and female education, in District and Tehsil Sukkur, Sindh. Data was collected from 194 respondents, between the age group of 15 to 50, including 48.5% of males and 51.5% of females. The purpose of this study was to find out the barriers to female education, the impact of traditional cultural values over female education and parental attitude towards female education. The researcher used a quantitative research design in which the survey method was used and filled up a structured questionnaire through face to face interviews. The researcher used a random sampling technique with a sample size of 194. According to the major findings of this study, the majority of the respondents were living in the joint family system and the educational background of the parents of the respondents’ was not satisfactory. Most of the females were illiterate and males held intermediate level education. The majority of the respondents’ opined that traditional values of the family are the real barriers for female education in Sukkur and female education is being affected due to poverty, social security, parents’ attitude, environmental pressure, and religious values. There is a strong relationship between female education and traditional cultural values in this study.
Keywords; Female Education, Traditional Cultural Values, Cultural Poverty, Conservative Culture

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