Execution of TPM and TQM: An TPQM Alliance Intended for Quality Management

Manisha Firke, Muralidhar Lokhande


Total Productive Management (TPM) and Total Quality Management (TQM) both the concepts are judged by quality practitioners for organizational system improvement. The purpose of study is to identify and develop a link between continuous improvement while improvement in the organizational efficiency and productivity of the recourses. TPM through productive maintenance and TQM through quality management in total mode are worthwhile to the organization. Productivity is possible only through the resources utilization to get optimum output. TPM and TQM both are quality conscious concepts, and these resembles can create healthy and quality organizational system. In this paper Alliance of TQM and TPM means TPQM is introduced with a view to provide more instrumental and valuable results for business performance. This can create new ideas for quality business performance through regular standard variables.
Key words: TQM, TPM, productivity, TPQM alliance, performance

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