Saholinirina Joelle RAKOTOVOLOLONA


The portion of African immigrants in China and its different cities has been increased significantly for the last few decades thus enhancing the need for the focus of researchers on studying the economic and religious practices of Africans in China. The objective was to have in-depth study on the extensiveness of religion in the lives of Africans and then its impact on various practices and dealings of Africans in economic and trade fields specifically. One important objective of the current study was to explore the considerable impact of low-end globalization that is being augmented due to the Africans immigrants and their excess involvement in low-end globalization practices. For achieving the objectives of the current study, the researcher has been living in Guangzhou for a considerable period to study the African Christians there practicing their religion as well as economics. The researcher had informal conversations, informal interviews, field observations, and a visit to religious as well as economic spots of Africans in Guangzhou to have deep insights about their trading and religious patterns. All these observational field studies found that Africans have been extensively integrated on the land of Guangzhou in terms of their religious and economic practices. The African Christians are found to be very religious and it was found that their religion has a great potential to influence them regarding each field of their life and particularly their economic practices. African Christians regarding their religious activities, churches, their businesses and trading enjoy appropriate freedom in Guangzhou. However, in perspective of low-end globalization, it was found that African community in Guangzhou can become an alarming group in the future. As far as the implications of the current study are concerned, this research is likely to benefit future anthropologists as well as Chinese state policy makers and officials to understand the behavior, demands and psyche of African Christians in Guangzhou and other cities of China.

Key Words: Guangzhou, Africans, Christians, Religion, Economics

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