Archie Gallego, Ledesma Layon, Narciso Jr. Sasan


Culture based education was one of the framework in the R.A. 10533 also known as Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, as it states that in Section 10. 2(d) and (h) “The curriculum shall be contextualized and global” and “The curriculum shall be flexible enough to enable and allow schools to localize, indigenize, and enhance the curriculum based on their respective educational and local context”. It is in this reason that the researcher decided to conduct a study on the development of some inputs to K-12 instruction with culture integration especially on the practices.
A qualitative and quantitative method of research, in which the data gathered during interviews, guided by the questionnaire, formulated a result of which percentage mean was used. It was found out that majority of the respondents who engaged in Palusad practices were elementary graduate whereas these graduates were composed of mostly male, who were married and who owns and operate their own boat. Majority of the respondents were already practicing their Palusad for over 21 years or more and the dominant fishing technologies used were fishing nets. Most of respondents’ practices one of the rituals in Palusad was “Paaso” and this practice was acquired through oral traditions, which the fisher folks believes that meaning of this practice was for them to have bountiful harvest. Majority of the respondents applies this Palusad practice in their fishing boat once the boat was already constructed and their ways of launching during high tide. This practice uplifted the economic status of the said respondents. Since, this practice was very evident in the community the researcher develops on how this palusad practice can be integrated in classroom instruction through the formulation of instructional plan that can be a useful reference for the teachers and school administrators.

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