Recent HR Trends and Strategies to deal with challenges in Tourism Industry in India

Sandeep Kumar


Tourism nowadays is emerging as a significant socio-economic activity. It is a vital industry in international arena as well. Tourism industry is one of the leading economic drivers in service sector. Human Resources play a crucial role in sustainability oriented tourism development initiative. There has been a surge in the demand of human resources in travel industry and it’s observed that there is change in the pattern of demand and supply as well, demand being in favour of educated and specialized personnel where as supply side lacking the required skills. There is no evidence that shows tour operators and travel agency following any kind of HRD policies and this sector is severely lagging in terms of professionalism. This outcome of skill shortage is due to poor management and lack of investment in people. When we see workforce in this industry in general perspective they appear to be unskilled, unproductive, untrained and uneducated. This paper is an attempt to find out what obstacles HR is facing and what trends they are adopting to overcome challenges in tourism industry in India.

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