Impact of YouTube on Academic Enhancement and Educational Writing

Dr. Rajeshwari Jain, Dr. Ranjani Srinivasan


In the digital era, a multitude of smart media has flooded classrooms with tools like ICT, gamification, Virtual Worlds (VWs), social media, m-learning, webcasts, podcasts and YouTube videos. But this digital environment demands a certain set of appropriate skills, which regulate the acceptability, adaptability, usability, accessibility aspects of both instructors and learners. The aim of this study is to measure the relative impact of YouTube videos on academic enhancement and educational writing. Data was collected on the differing perspectives of postgraduate students across five cities in India. The usage and extent of YouTube for academic and study purposes was recorded and analysed. The fundamental results indicate that though YouTube is generally informative, students are unable to find videos absolutely suited or specific to their curriculum concepts. YouTube assists in improving academic writing for Indian students but cannot be regarded as a replacement for classroom learning. The study recommends appropriate changes in existing pedagogy for academic enhancement. The results indicate that customized YouTube Videos developed on par with existing curriculum can greatly improve the learning curve and topic retention.
Key Words: YouTube, academic enhancement, educational writing, topic retention, post graduate students, gamification, ICT

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