Somalia Between East and West

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan



Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa which offers a strategic geopolitical and economic position in East Africa. The covered land and its population size are as big as other countries in East Africa. Somalia has the longest coastal in a horn of African with the height of 3333km. It gained independence in 1960 from two European colonies which are Italy who had controlled the southern part and Britain who had controlled the northern part. however, Somalia has characterized a homogenous society that shares a common language, culture, religion, and ethnic origin. Nevertheless, prior to the world war II the United States involvement on the African continent was quite limited, thus, when Somalia gained its independence in 1960. The United States and Somalia established their first diplomatic relations. Throughout the years of the cold war, Somalia has been a playground for the superpower rivalry due to its strategic importance, as it adjacent to the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Peninsula, and most importantly it located close to major oil blocs.

Keywords: Somalia, United States, soviets, relations, cold war

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