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An attempt has been made to find out the study of depression and suicidal ideation among Mizo-population. The hypothesis of the present study are depression would have significant role in predicting suicidal ideation among the participants; females are likely to have more depression than male counterparts; females are likely to have more suicidal ideation than male counterparts. To study such hypothesis, ninety-seven participants (both male and female) are randomly selected and included in this present study. The data are collected mainly different parts of Aizawl area. Participants are ranging age from 15-20 years and the participants are administered BDI-II to assess the depression and ASIQ to assess the suicidal ideation. Results are analyzed through linear regression, ANOVA, and descriptive statistics using SPSS Packages. Results indicated that depression emerged as the significant predictor variable of suicidal ideation, the multiple R is .41 and it accounted 17% of the variance in the 1st hypothesis. In the second hypothesis, females have more depression than the male counterparts. The mean of depression between male and females are 18.979 and 23.541 and their F values between groups (F=6.006) are statistically significant. In the Third Hypothesis, Females have more mean values than the male counterparts i.e., 16.536 and 29.208 respectively and theirs F-value s between groups (F=8.055) are found statistically significant.

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