Global Evolutions on Social and Economic aspects along with the Civilizations are catalysed primarily by the evolution of Roads and subsequent modes of Transport only. Effective road networks are vital to prosperity of any economy. Roads and Infrastructure provide not only major means of transport for both passengers and freight but also are crucial in economic development of any country. Roads across the world and the Good physical connectivity in the urban and rural areas have been trump cards for Tourism growth, India is no exception. In fact India’s rapid growing economy has witnessed a rise in demand for transport infrastructure and services. When roads are developed they can be used as a facilitator and as an attraction too. Roads designed to meet certain standards can become an attraction for tourists in the long run and in turn to tourism development too.
United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and France are top countries in Road Quality Index in 2017. Route 66 U.S, Great Ocean Road Australia, Trans-Canada Highway Canada, National Express Ways Japan, Golden Quadrilateral Road India are some of the major road network of the world contributing for the economic growth as well as shouldering tourism in the respective countries. The East Coast Road in India was originally developed by a process of interlinking and improving a series of small village roads that connected the fishing villages along the coast of Bay of Bengal. This road project is funded by Asian Development Bank connects Chennai Metropolitan City to Kanayakumari. This road connects Kovalam, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Karaikal, Rameshwaram, Gulf of Mannar, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari the famous tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu State of India. This study aims to assess the quality of East Coast Road and provide insight about the contribution of this road to Tourism Development in Tamil Nadu, INDIA. This paper will measure the Infrastructure facilities, Tourism, Traffic flow, Environmental Conditions and Security concerns of the East Coast Road. This multidisciplinary paper will be prepared through questionnaire survey method, appropriate testing will be used to test the Hypothesis to measure the quality. Implications and Recommendations for Government and NGO’s of Tamil Nadu will be discussed for future Research.

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