“Mobile Customer Relationship Management (M-CRM):- Issues, Benefits and Challenges for B to B in E-Commerce.”



CRM is a process designed to collect data related to customers, to grasp features of customers, and to apply those qualities in specific marketing activities. CRM is not a new concept. In fact, CRM has continuously existed from the past. However, CRM has recently become the focus of attention. The backgrounds are as follows:
• the relationship with customers is newly recognized as a key point to solidify competitive power of Business;
• as Business procure large volumes of data related to customers, they can perform customer management more easily and efficiently using data warehousing, data mining, and other information technologies; and
• the E-Commerce has opened up a new medium for business and marketing, and we can express customer actions in online into data. In other words, the scope of data to analyze behaviors of customers is extended, and the environment for one-to-one marketing have been enhanced.
The addition of the mobile medium as a channel through which to manage customer relationships not only creates possibilities, but also poses challenges as well. For instance, companies need to build the technological infrastructure that enables the management of customer relationships through the mobile medium. Subsequently, the technological infrastructure enabling the utilization of the mobile medium needs to be integrated to the existing CRM system. In addition, further challenges stem from the fact that customers need to opt in for the M-CRM program and provide the company with information necessary for initiating communication with them.

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