Investment pattern of Millennials: A Path Ahead

Madhavi Karanam, Shenbagavalli R


The paper studies the investment pattern of the millennial generation (20-35 years) to know the relationship and the major influencer with respect to their pattern of investments. To measure the association, a descriptive research is conducted with the sample of 350 working professionals in and around Chennai by administrating a structured questionnaire. The correlation analysis is used to examine the association among age, income, occupation and the pattern of investment. The correlation analysis indicates positive relationship among the level of income and occupation and the study revealsa very high association between the profession and the investment choices. Thus, we can conclude that occupation is a major influencer with respect to risk-return perspective and the investment choice. Income is the base on which investment options are suggested as well as decided. Working professionals in Chennai have overall shown preference towards, stocks, mutual funds and real estate as their most preferred avenues of investment.

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