Perception of Academic staff on Multitasking and its impact in HEIs at Oman

SANGEETHA NATARAJAN, Seham Zaid AL-Hinai, Amna Yousuf AL-Harrasi


Though few research articles exist studying the perception of academicians in schools and colleges, very few landed up in analyzing multitasking among academicians in Higher Educational Institutions and its impact in teaching learning process. Few studies have attempted to discover the facts that engaging in multiple tasks may be cognitively and physically challenging, ultimately results in over workload, increasingly greater work responsibilities and longer hours, more prone to mistakes and the overall quality of work product can be diminished ending up in mistakes sometimes costly to rectify. This substantiates ‘multitasking’ turns out to be a challenge that affects the effectiveness and efficiency of academicians’ in their institutions, thus supporting its negative impact. As researcher’s it is wise to study both the sides of impact, positive as well as negative covering arguments for and against multitasking.

Hence an attempt to investigate the perception of the academicians in HEIs on multitasking and its positive and negative impact is tried out with primary data collected from representative samples of academicians in private and public colleges and universities in Sultanate of Oman. The collected data was analyzed using Summary statistics and percentage analysis, Likert’s five point scaling technique with mean analysis. The research implications are presented based on which recommendations and conclusions were sought.

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