Travel Website as a Marketing Tool Affecting Tourist Destination Image: a Case Study of Primorsky Krai (Russia)

Mariia Marchenko


Nowadays, online travel information sources are considered as primary marketing tools, which can transform tourist destination image and positively affect tourist intention to visit the destination. Primorye (Far East of Russia) has become one of the most popular destinations among Chinese tourists visiting Russia. However, lack of promotion, an unrecognizable brand of the destination and insufficient work of tourism parties impede tourism development and negatively affect touristic flows to the region.
The main goal of this study is to help Russian destination marketing organizations and Chinese travel companies to attract more Chinese tourists to visit Primorye through their online sources. Consequently, this study attempted to assess the quality of destination area and generating area online travel sources devoted to Primorye, investigate the impact of online sources on perceived destination image and make suggestions for tourism organizations and travel companies so they can improve the quality and the performance of their online sources. Website quality evaluation and survey on destination image and satisfaction with the website quality were performed.
As a result, the measures created for destination area online travel source should mostly focus on website system and service quality improvement. Unlike, the Chinese OTA website being an E-commerce platform performs better in terms of service and system attributes, but needs to complete its information section.

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