An assessment on public art effect on increasing social capital in Iran (Case study: Sandy Carpet and Gavkhouni Wetland in Iran)

Parisa Tehranizadeh, Dawei Wang


In recent decades, Iran has gone through serious environmental problem. Draught, foods and deforestation are all among the top environmental issues that Iranian society has had challenges with. There have been different strategies in governmental level to improve the situation but it seems without a comprehensive mobilization of all people all efforts will be lost. Public art is a new tool to revive the lost interest of people to environmental crisis and there have been several public art projects in Iran with focus on environment. This paper tries to evaluate the effects of public art projects on social capital. We used from questionnaire to generate data and according to Cochran formula, a total number of 384 questionnaire is distributed to people. For analyzing data, we used from structural equation modeling in Smart PLS 3 and our findings show that public art projects have left inspiring effects on social capital in both structural and cognitive level.

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