Crossing Cultures: Aesthetics, Public Art and Society in China and The West

Federica Buonsante, Parisa Tehranizadeh


In the field of contemporary public art aesthetic canons that are usually used to evaluate a work may be inadequate. This is because in this art form what is valued is not the mere object but the artistic process, as its ability to dialogue and engage with communities. This study proposes an index of topics for historical and organic understand of public art. China and European societies have developed different understandings towards artistic expression. However, the role of art in society has in its recent evolutions embraced a multidisciplinary discourse, that developed despite its connection to traditional aesthetics. Ultimately, it is thanks to the emergence of a more inclusive discourse that it becomes possible to address the social value of art, as public art, for a more universal and the yet cultural specific viewpoint that addresses its utility for human society.


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