The Socio-Economic Impact of Mine Closure A comparative analysis between Romania’s Jiu Valley and Germany’s Ruhr Valley

Roxana-Mirela Morosanu


This article analyses recent crises in the world about coal resources, which leads to a reconsidering of national strategies for their exploitation and utilization. Under the conditions of market risk, lack of efficiency, progressing global decarbonization, and the decline in hard coal prices, mining enterprises are on the verge of bankruptcy, unable to stop the fast increase in production costs triggered by social tension and trade unions. Research focuses on the two following issues: 1) Can coal mining still prompt economic development as it did during the previous century without interposing with what is now generally perceived as prosperity in the wider sense of the word: growth in productivity, resilience, social development and sustainability? and 2) How did mine closure impact the socio-economic development of the regions and of the countries as a whole?

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