Dr. (Mrs.) Rebecca John, Dr. Mamatha B.


Abstract: Adolescence is a critical link between childhood and adulthood, characterized by significant physical, psychological, and social transitions. It also involves the phase to develop knowledge and skills, learn to manage emotions and relationships, and acquire attributes and abilities that will be important for enjoying the adolescent years and assuming adult roles. All societies recognize that there is a difference between being a child and becoming an adult. Adolescents often have to deal with these personal issues in addition to cultural, religious and community issues. Some community issues which these adolescents come into contact with daily deal with ecological aspects such as different types of pollution, waste management, and traffic problems and how they could help to either solve them or try to minimize the extent of these issues. The study was envisaged with the objectives to assess the adolescents’ awareness on selected community issues; as well as to ascertain the measures taken by them to minimize the problem or prevent it from further deterioration. The survey method and the questionnaire was the tool utilized. A sample of 625 adolescents was selected for the study. Salient findings revealed that most of the adolescents were partially aware of the issues pertaining to ecological problems in Bengaluru city. A larger percentage of the adolescents practiced measures like switching off unnecessary lighting at home as well as using CFL and LED bulbs to conserve energy.

Keywords: Adolescents, community issues, ecological perspective, CFL and LED bulbs

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