The Situation of Juvenile Delinquents and Prevailing challenges in the Correction Center: The Case of North Gondar Adult Correction Center

Beimnete Sintayehu Lemma, Endeshaw Aynetu Bitew


Jailing juvenile delinquents with adult inmates resulted different physical and psychological challenges on juvenile inmates. The purpose of this study is to explore the situation of juvenile delinquents and rehabilitation services in adult correction center, the case of North Gondar correction center. The study employed qualitative research approach with case study research design and social constructivism research paradigm. For the accomplishment of the study, twelve purposively selected participants (nine juvenile delinquents, and three key informants) were involved. The data were collected through in-depth interview, key informant interview, document review, and observation. The gathered data was transcribed, coded, categorized, and themed in to meaningful interpretations and analyzed thematically.
The finding of the study showed that juvenile delinquents experienced physical assault/ abuse, psychological abuse and learned additional offences. Absence of separate dorms for children, lack of effective rehabilitation service provisions and re- integration, lack of age limitation for juveniles and overcrowding are found out as challenges for effective rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents though four rehabilitation programs i.e. counseling, medical service, vocational training and formal education are being provided in the correction center. Thus, the study implies the need for policy enforcement, integration of other and social work professionals in the correction center to manage cases and protect juvenile delinquents from harm.
Key Words: Juvenile Delinquency, Preventive, Rehabilitation, Correction, Detention

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