Lived experiences of street children in Gondar town



Introduction: Globally, the problem of children living on the street is prominent. Living on the street created interrelated and extended challenges worldwide.16 In Ethiopia, the problem became pandemic and more than 130,000 street children are living in different cities; out of which about 3500 are found in Amhara region.
Objective: This study was aimed at exploring the lived experiences of street children in Gondar town, Arada sub-city.
Methods: The Research was employed Qualitative, exploratory design. Using purposive and snowball sampling technique, data were collected, through in-depth interviews and field notes from 20 boys and 4 girls. FGD and key informant interview also conducted with community and concerned bodies. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the collected data.
Results: The result indicated that children on the street are leading a transitory life subjected to life threatening hazardous situations by the community, security bodies and by themselves. This led to scared life; deprived of basic necessities and exploitations. The effect of these all turned their life to involve in addiction, criminal activities and become prisoner.
Conclusion: Children living on the street are suffering from multi faceted problems resulting to hunger, instability, abuse, sickness and violence.
Key words: Street children, lived experience, Gondar town

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