Terrorism: An Obstacle in the Development of Pakistan



Terrorism is a major issue now a day’s all over the world but Pakistan is the most effected country by terrorism. Specially it’s facing and sacrificing loss of lives including military and civilian after becoming the front line partner with United States against War on Terror. Terrorism almost affected all field of life especially economy and education of Pakistan. First as we know that bad economy is directly proportional to internal clashes. Terrorism creates uncertainty which decreases confident and due to which low investment, risk perceptions and slow economic growth and finally leads to poverty. This poverty push youngster to involve themselves in criminal cases and finally big criminal join their hands with terrorist and their life ends at suicide bombing. Secondly Terrorism is psychologically affecting people to do not send their children’s in schools and colleges. Level of education is being destroyed by terrorist attacks on educational institutions..Due to which young children cannot get specific education about terrorism and finally the terrorists easily approach to these new rising generations and involve them into their own group. They give them wrong education and then use them for their own purposes.
Different scholars wrote about the causes of terrorism, image of Pakistan against war on terrorism and other aspects of terrorism. In this researcher explain two basic aspects education and economy affected by terrorism .Research focus on the ways to overcome the most dangerous problem “Terrorism” which is effecting badly on the education and economic development of Pakistan. It tries to provide possible practical solutions for security challenges facing by Pakistan due to terrorism. So that a nation should be brought on development path in all aspects of life. This study aims to try to find out how terrorism is obstacle in the economic and educational development of Pakistan. This makes it to different from researches done by other scholars.
Key Words: Terrorism, Pakistan, Obstacles

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