Opportunities and Challenges of Economic Sectors’ Investment in Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Tadlo sintayehu


Executive Summary
This study aims to assess and analyze the extent of the investment opportunities and challenges in Tigray region. This study has extracted out more investment potential opportunities and investigated the major challenges. The study was used both primary and secondary data sources for gathering relevant information. The target population of the study was investors, government offices, and participatory rural appraisal (PRA) in the study area. The Selection of the sample was made by two stages of stratified sampling techniques; where the first stage units were investment sectors and the second stage units were the investors. After stratifying investment sectors, sample investors were selected using systematic random sampling techniques. Government officials and participatory rural appraisals were selected using purposive sampling method. Then to gatehr relevant data, person administered questionnaire, in-depth interview, field observation, and focus group discussions were used. Descriptive data analysis method was employed with the help of STATA 11 and statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 16.
The study has found that the region of Tigray has huge potentials and opportunities for investment indifferent economic sectors like in tourism and hotel, manufacturing/industry, mining and construction. Even though investment environment is improving in the region there are problems and challenges in the region related to financial access, marketing and market linkage, infrastructures facilities, incentive provision, land provision process and bureaucracy.

Key words: investment, opportunities, challenges, Tigray region

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