Assessment of Community Policing in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in Gondar City, Ethiopia: Challenges and Prospects.

Yeshiber Molla Tsegaw


Community policing is a paradigm shift established at the bedrock of community partnership in creating safe and secure environment for all. This paper sort to shade light on the role of community policing in conflict resolution and peace building in Gondar city, by focusing on its major challenges and prospects. In order to better achieve its objective the article has employed a qualitative research method. The study used Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews. The results of this study reveal that before the introduction of community policing crime of robbery, theft, mugging, snatching, rape, and violence were most predominantly happen in the city. But after the city practiced community policing most crimes reduced. Anti-social problems, weak community participation of the, lack of adequate training or any training and the recent political unrest in the city challenges the effectiveness of community policing in resolving conflicts and building the peace of the city.

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