The Cause and Consequence of Gender Based Violence in Dembia Woreda, Koladiba Town.

Yeshiber Molla Tsegaw


Gender violence is a day-to-day tragedy around the world. Many females, both children and adults, have suffered a great deal from different acts of violence because of their sex. Rape, beating, female genital mutilation (FGM), abduction, and early marriage are among the dominant types of gender violence that affect women physically, psychologically, socially and economically. This study tries to focus on some of the main causes and consequences gender based violence in Dembia Woreda, Koladiba Town. The objectives of this study is identifying the root causes and consequences of GBV so as to minimize the possible outcomes of gender based violence in Dembia Woreda, Koladiba Town. Considering the research problem and objective along with the philosophy of the different research methods qualitative research method is employed for this study. For the purpose of collecting data through this method purposive sampling semi structured face to face Key Informant interviews were conducted with nine key informants were conducted from different social groups. The study found that the main cultural causes for gender based violence Dembia Woreda, Koladiba Town are the subordination of women to men in marriage, gender socialization, high amount of alcohol consumption by most of the young generation and lack of proper governmental policies. This study also identified health problem, psychological and social consequences of GBV in the study area.

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