Nascent magnitude of Training Evaluation in Globalized Era; Theoretical and Practical Facets



In recent years Human Resource Management has evolved as a most popular field in management circles. Every organization needs to have qualified employees to achieve the goals and objectives. Rapid advancements in technology, increased automation and mechanization and computerization have posed lot of challenges to the organizations and its employees. The swiftly changing competitive landscape has demanded the organizations and its employees to nurture their talents to face the challenges. Training is the unavoidable utensil for organizations to meet the competitive requirements of corporate world. Recent studies stating that Indian companies are spending huge amounts on training. The current paper throws light on two focal points, first, do the companies are devoting much time to evaluate their training programmes?. Second, growing usage of training evaluation in recent times; examining theoretical and practical facets.

Key Words: Rapid Advancements in Technology, Increased Automation and Mechanization, Globalization, Competitive Landscape, Training Evaluation.

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