Ecocriticism and Amharic Literature: A Survey of Ecocriticism in the Novel Z’gora

Tadele Bayeh Ezezew


Ecocriticism is one of the schools of literary criticism concerned with the representation of the environment and ecological issues in the works of literature. It tries to find possible solutions to correct contemporary ecological situations by analyzing the ways nature and environment are presented in literature. Ethiopia has been possessed enormous traditional, cultural and natural resources with different range of latitudinal position and topography which creates variation in climate conditions and diverse biodiversity. However, we are poor because of our lack of ecological consciousness and careless use and management of nature. We can say that, indigenous trees and shrubs were destroyed completely over the last century all over Ethiopia but a patchy of old aged forests can be found mainly around the Ethiopian orthodox churches (EOC). The present environmental crisis is not caused by how the ecosystem functions; but how our ethical system functions; how we behave with Mother Nature. This paper is aimed at finding out the environmental and ecological issues discussed in the novel called Z’egora, which is written in Amharic. This research applies descriptive – qualitative method. To answer the research questions, the writer uses a textual analysis with ecocritical theoretical approach.
Key words: Ecociticism, Amharic Novel, Ethiopian Orthodox Church

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