A Study of Analysis of Investment Pattern of Salaried Class Employees with special reference to Nainital District”

Uma Raikhola, Dr. Vinay Chandra


Investments form an important part of economy of any nation with savings invested various options available to people. An investment refers to commitment of funds at present; in anticipation of some positive rate of return in future today the spectrum of investment is indeed wide. Individual are more aware about the different investment avenues like saving accounts, fixed deposits, gold/silver, Share market, FOREX etc. Salaried individuals are aware about share market, mutual funds but they consider these investment avenues as high risk investment avenues. Researcher here in this paper studied the different types and avenues of investment as well as the factors that are required while selecting the investment with the sample size of 100 salaried employees by conducting the survey through questionnaire in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Actually, the present study identifies about the factors like awareness level and risk factors that individuals consider before investment like safe and low investment avenues, moderate risk avenues, high risk avenues, traditional investment avenues, emerging investment avenues. The findings relates to the awareness among individuals and individuals risk taking ability while investing in different investment avenues. Respondents are much more aware about the different investment avenues available in India.
The current study deals with the Investment Pattern of Salaried Class Employees with Special Reference to Nainital District (Uttarakhand).

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