Organised Retailing of Fresh Produce in Bangalore: Association between Purchase Value and Frequency, and Consumer Perception

Dr. N Meena Rani, Dr. K. Ramachandra


The present research paper dwells on organized retailing of fresh produce in Bangalore. A field survey was done with a size of 500 respondents picked by using convenience and judgmental sampling technique, and intercept method. It attempts to analyse the retail consumers’ views from the dimensions of product, price, placement, promotion, people, process and physical evidence, and ethical practices adopted by organized retailers. The level of association was studied between consumers’ shopping frequency and purchase value (independent variables), and the perception towards fresh producers’ marketing mix (dependent variables clustered in to eight dimensions) using descriptive statistics and ANOVA. The results show that there exists significant association between consumers’ purchase frequency, purchase value, and satisfaction towards the elements in retail mix. As the share of organized retail is rapidly growing in the overall retail sector, and the consumers’ purchase frequency and purchase value are some of the key determinants of retailers’ profitability and performance, the findings of current research provides some insights for the decision makers in the industry.

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