Factors Behind Brand Switching in Bahir Dar Textile Industry, Ethiopia

Mekdes Gizachew Ambaye


This study intended to examine factors that can affect customer taste preference in the case of Bahir Dar Textile Industry. Marketing activities are used to apply product into market and attract customers. Their activity needs to match with every single market in different way and managers need to focus on customers’ demands and potential competitors. They have to analyze all factors, which can influence product choice. Organization’s success is measured by the amount of selling as well as customer satisfaction and behavior. The main research methodology adopted is descriptive study. The researcher has collected primary data using questionnaire and interview whilst the secondary data were obtained by document analysis. Purposive sampling technique for employees, random sampling for wholesalers, and time location analysis for customers were used. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques mainly descriptive analysis using tables, graphs, pie charts and percentage was employed. Chi- square analysis is used to determine the relationship between quality, design, service, package and customers’ intention to shift to another factory’s brand. Findings revealed that product is the most important factor which influences customer taste preference despite product strategy practices in Bahir Dar Textile Industry were poor as investigated marketing actions in terms of product.
Keywords: Brand, Bahir Dar, Textile Industry, Product, Marketing Strategy

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