Analyzing the meaning/interpretation of Folk Beliefs in Gondar City

samrawit zewdu


This study is focused on Folk beliefs. The general objective of the study is to analyze the meaning/interpretation given to these folk beliefs. In this study the researcher used two kinds of data collecting tools. The main data collecting tool used was in depth interview, the supporting one is unstructured observation. Since the study is based on qualitative data/superstition folkloric aspects, its design is descriptive. The participant of the study were the Azezo Dimaza and Ayer Marefiya sub city of Gondar(Ethiopia )elders. The technique used to select these participants was snow ball sampling technique. The data analysis method of the study is qualitative i.e. descriptive using words and phrases. As the result of the data analysis showed, the meaning/interpretation gave to these folk beliefs is related to: addiction, coming of a guest, hearing new information, gain/loss of money, being excess of house hold assets, facing of good/bad fortune, giving birth/going far and attacking by devil/illness.

Key terms: Folklore, folk, belief and superstition.

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