The relevance of Lord Basaveshwar’s philosophy in Modern Era

Madhuri Hebbalkar


The research article mainly focuses on life of Lord Basaveshwara, his social reforms and the relevance of social reforms in today’s scenario. Before 12th century, the region faced social degeneration, political instability and spiritual decadence, caused by the evils of Brahmanical, social order, which was based upon hierarchical structure. In such scenario, Lord Basaveshwara brought the drastic change in various facets during twelfth century and stood against the social evils of the traditionalistic society. He fought against the inhuman practice of caste system, which discriminated people based on their birth and certain rituals in Hinduism. He started practicing the socialistic norms and became the guiding path to others. His experiences are in the form of vachanas and those create a cultural harmony and preach practices like obedience, modernity, living together on equal front.

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