The Natures and procedure of Keerta Indigenous Conflict Resolution mechanism among Kestanee Gurage Community, Southern Province, Ethiopia

Hawltieabera Yimam


The research assessed the natures and procedure of Keerta Indigenous Conflict Resolution mechanism of Kestanee Gurage Community, southern Ethiopia. Cross-sectional qualitative research method was used and interviews, focus group discussions and personal observation were employed to gather the required data. The results of the study reveal that , the community believed that, Kertta means peace for all which came from the earlier people when they made crime like murder, burglary, and other sin, it is a means to forgiving the God. And this customary law is the best and remain the most effective mechanisms of handling interpersonal and communal conflict in the area. It plays a vital role in the maintenance of peace and harmony in the area. The traditional process of dispute settlement allows parties to participate and cooperate in the resolution process as well as deciding appropriate compensation and this often creates mutual responsibility and building a mutual respect. In addition to these, Kertaa traditional mechanisms of dispute settlement are inexpensive and flexible. The responsible bodies or the local government should preserve indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms in the study area and the government should give enough attention and support this traditional conflict resolution mechanism. The concerned bodies should preserve the necessary information in related to indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms for other researchers who want to study indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms as their research topic.

Key words: Kertta, Kestanee Gurage Community, Southern Ethiopia, Indigenous institution

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