Biogas Usage among Families in Uttara Karnataka

Dr. (Mrs.) Rebecca John, Nandini B.



With the scarcity of natural resources burdening the environment, alternative energy sources are very indispensable. The present study was envisaged to find out the usage of biogas among selected families in Uttara Karnataka district of South India with objectives to assess the socio-demographic data among biogas users, determine the factors associated with the selection of biogas for household purpose, and determine the benefits regarding use of biogas. The sample size for the study comprised of 100 respondents from Uttara Karnataka. A self developed questionnaire was used to elicit information from respondents. Results of the study revealed that most of the respondents knew about the use of biogas while majority had sufficient knowledge on materials used in biogas. Also, most of the respondents considered the benefits of biogas being a non-polluting and renewable source of energy, as well as being an efficient mode of energy conservation.

Keywords: Biogas, renewable energy, environment, non-polluting, energy conservation

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