Hospital Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction towards Reutilisation in Indonesia: An Empirical Study

Corrie Mary Milka Inkiriwang, S. M. Ferdous Azam, Ali Khatibi


This empirical study aims to assess the hospital service quality and patient satisfaction towards reutilisation in Indonesia. The population in this study is all outpatients who have at least three visits to the hospitals in Indonesia. A total of 500 questionnaires were randomly distributed among the respondents who were taking services in different hospitals within Indonesia. From complete questionnaires which were distributed, it was found that 397 were returned out of which only 339 were found valid for further analysis. The findings revealed that, for the overall model as a whole, the statistical result indicates a good fit, where all the hypotheses are accepted with a logical reason. The findings will contribute to increased knowledge. The findings will draw the basis and as a starting point of reference to other researcher or be practised by organisations. Furthermore, this study will help to achieve Indonesia’s development plans in increasing management and hospital personnel’s commitment and performance in Indonesian hospitals.

Keywords: Service quality, Patient satisfaction, Patient reutilisation, Indonesia

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