Women and Leadership; Participation, Constraints, Opportunities and Strategies in Amhara National Regional State Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Bimer Eyayu


Women’s representation at higher levels of leadership is restricted predominantly in developing nations. The Untouched potential of women in the public sphere weakens the involvement they could make to effectual leadership at all levels. This study was carried out in Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. The main purpose of this paper was to investigate the situation of women in leadership positions in Amhara National Regional State Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau. The research method was qualitative approach and case study research design was employed as a research design. Semi-structured interview, key informants interview and focus group discussions were used to gather relevant data from women workers and bureau managers regarding the participation, constraints and strategies of women in leadership positions. The primary findings of the study disclosed that the participation of women in leadership positions is extremely rare. Though women participation in leadership and decision making is missing, opportunities like education, training, workshops and conferences are available to play a role in the status, experience and skills of women. The finding of this study also explored the constraints of women in leadership positions, such as internal constraints and external constraints. Consequently, the study has stated the strategies that help to overcome the constraints including leadership training, reducing multiple roles of women, building the psychological makeup of women as they can be leader, fighting stereotypes and discriminatory practices through awareness creation and promote women rights. Hence, to enhance women’s participation in leadership positions it seems imperative that government and non government institutions should develop a solid package on leadership and carry out capacity buildings that could empower women.

Key Words: Women, Leadership, Participation, Opportunities, Constraints, Strategies

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