Enterprise Initiative Among Goan Women Entrepreneurs-A Study

smita sanzgiri


Enterprise Initiative Among Goan Women Entrepreneurs-A Study
Each individual from the society is indeed responsible for the well being of society. The entrepreneur utilizes the resources available in the society and thus certainly becomes accountable for shouldering the social responsibility and owning the development of the region. The women force from the society thus finds micro entrepreneurship as a viable option to live a healthy and respectful life.
The present paper aims at understanding the social status of Goan women entrepreneurs engaged in micro enterprises. Considering several facts, the study was attempted by framing the objectives of studying the relationship between age and education along with the relationship between age and activity of women entrepreneurs under study.The study analyzed the relation between historical background and the idea behind starting the venture. The relationship between the variables are depicted with the use of charts.

The study reported that 48.6 percent of the respondents were in the age group of 36 to 45 years of age.Among the total enterprises 69.4 percentof the enterprises were registered However, 30.6 percent women owned enterprises, remain unregistered. The categorization of enterprises showed that 34.9 percent were engaged in manufacturing with 34.3 percent into service enterprise and 30.9 percent into trading.
Key words : entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs, social status, micro enterprises.

Dr.Smita Sandeep Sanzgiri
Associate Professor
GVM’S GGPR college of commerce and economics,
Email:smitasanzgiri17 @gmail.com

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