Impact of Cultural Heterogeneity on Purchase Heuristics – An Empirical Cross-cultural Study in Kolkata

Debraj Datta, Mahua Datta


The culture consists of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, motivation, view towards life and interpretations of behaviors. The influences of culturally based experiences begin to influence and permeate our psychological natures at a very early age so that we become psychosocial individuals very early in life. Subsequently, the purchase behavior is influenced by cultural orientations like linguistic ethnicity and religion in terms of rituals, occasions, amount of purchase, purchase decision-making pattern, information procession, comprehension of marketing communication and so on. Hence, for a company that wants to do business in Indian subcontinent, which is vibrant with so many different cultural profiles, has to understand the diversity of these profiles and design marketing-mix strategies accordingly.
Keywords: Purchase Heuristics; Cultural Heterogeneity; Cross-cultural Study; Information Sharing Pattern

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