Improving User Experience by using Agile methodologies

Venkatesh Jeganathan, Priyesh Cherurveettil, Venkatesh Jeganathan


User experience is such a challenging art of inducting positive emotions on the consumer, not through words or flora, but by highly thought out software applications. Traditionally, for decades, waterfall development model experience has resulted in poor user experience. Months, sometimes even years, between writing the requirements and getting the final product to users. By then, user needs would have changed, enhancing the gap between the requirements and the needs. Adding to this, what users want and what users need are two different aspects to be carefully analyzed. The real challenge in the usability world is to get the designs evaluated by the users through mock-ups or proto-types. Agile has the solution to address the traditional systematic barriers to good usability experience. Agile’s biggest constraint is that it is a method proposed by programmers, mainly address the implementation side of system development. This paper elaborates the pros and cons of Agile methodology and recommends solution for enhancing user experience through Agile.

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