An overview study of IT enabled Services and IT spending –Indian Banking Perspectives

Manjunath Daler


The advent of technology and innovation in the IT sector brought revolutionary changes  in the operations of banking business. The development and dissemination of technologies helped bankers to adopt IT enabled services to have an efficient business practices and channels to sell their services. The concept and scope of IT enabled services although is  in its nascent, it is successful in facilitating for an effective payment and accounting system. Delivery channels are the major components of IT enabled services. ITeS refer to the use of technology as a remote delivery channels for banking services. E-banking through various delivery channels has gained wide acceptance internationally and is fast catching up in India with more and more banks embracing. The present study empirically presents the status of delivery channels in India banks.  The findings show that the Indian banks have been perceived IT application in banking as a strategic tool for promoting business development. The customers are delighted in making use of the e-banking facility. But the rate of adoption is not according to the expected level ( IBA, 2009).  The adoptability of ITeS by respective banks  has  been influenced by many factors  such as investments, ROI, volume of business and customers satisfaction etc., Evolving a suitable ITeS model is required to keep bank and customers accomplishing their  assigned goals.

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