Cultivation of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers Ex Hook.F. & Thoms.-A Medicinal Plant in High Demand

Zeba Ali SHERVANI, P.K Mishra


Tinospora cordifolia is known by different names like Giloy,Guduchi, and Amrita etc and is an important medicinal plant which is used in treatment of different diseases ,urinary infection,skin diseases ,leprosy, rheuomatoid arthiritis and many more.Since last few decades throughout the world much stress is laid on herbal treatment because adverse effect of synthetic drugs has become a common feature.Obviously ,this has put enough pressure on demand of this valuable plant .It is therefore essential to find out the possibility of large scale cultivation of Tinospora cordifolia.As the plant is usually propagated through cuttings ,the resource material was obtained from NBPGR,the cuttings were planted in Botanical garden of VBU and different treatments were given to find out optimum condition for better growth,one set of experimental cutting was given cow dung whereas the second set was provided Vermicompost .Another set of experimental cutting was fed with pongamia powder which is a known biofertilizer.The fourth set was regularly given mixture of cowdung and Vermicompost .A control set was maintained which was planted in normal soil.Regular morphometric data were collected to assess growth of this plant in different conditions.Result clearly indicate that the mixture of cowdung and vermicompost proved to be the best condition for cultivation of Tinospora cordifolia.This was followed by vermicompost .Cowdung and Pongamia also prived to be suitable agent for growth enhancement of the test plant.

KEYWORDS- Cultivation; Tinospora cordifolia ; Vermicompost; Pongamia.

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