Strategic Human Resource Management: Practices in IT Industry in India

Mohammed Galib Hussain, Dr. S. Mohammed Rafique


The present paper makes an attempt to investigate the strategic human resource practices and policies of the Indian software industry and examine the SHRM effectiveness in software companies. It was hypothesized that HR policies and practices would be positively related to organizational effectiveness. The data used in this study were collected form 25 software companies which have been operating in Chennai and Bangalore undergoing quite a few changes, especially in term of managerial philosophies and tendencies. The Percentile, Chi-square, Mean, SD and Factor analysis were used to analyze the data. Results revealed that  the most of the software companies practice the following Strategic practices were Strategic HRM focus, functional areas covered by SHRM, SHRM facilities, treatment of employees, adopted SHRM activities and SHRM activities. It is also examined that the Software companies those following Strategic HRM practices they achieve its effectiveness by the following practices were workforce plan, participative management, Executive development program, succession and development planning, advance issue identification strategic studies and communication between employee and manager.

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