Cause Analysis and Review of Biogas Experience Why Biogas is not Popular in Bangladesh

S. M. Noman Chy., Professor Dr. S. Huque


High population density, poverty and congruous geographical location yield Bangladesh to alternate energy sources. Bangladesh is naturally a low lying and tropical country and its standard temperature is ideally suitable for the fermentation of organic materials throughout the year. But in this country biogas technology is unpopular as it was reasonably presumed. This study is conducted with the desire to investigate the apparent reasons why biogas technology is not yet popular. This study does not trying to discover the lacking of other energy sources rather a deliberate attempt to investigate the typical experience of biogas technology in Bangladesh. Gradually Bangladeshi people are adopting renewable energy; it is currently required to accelerate this gradual adoption to complement the requisite amount of energy for extended population and blooming economy. This review work focuses on the advantages and drawbacks of biogas technology on the basis of opinion and speculation of who use and who do not use biogas.

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