More efficient business model in construction companies in underdeveloped countries and countries in transition

Vuk Vujović, Jefto Džino, Mladen Radivojevic


In this paper we are dealing with improvements in construction companies in underdeveloped countries and countries in transition. The development of new technologies and their large application in all areas of operation led to the need to make them more efficient in construction companies, especially in less developed countries. In this paper we propose the use of appropriate models, tools and concepts that can improve the efficiency of bussiness, and especially cheaper business in construction companies. In addition to the large number, we propose the use of the three most important concepts in civil engineering enterprises in transition countries: 1. Cloud computing - a set of network services designed to provide various services, 2. Building Information Modeling - which serves as the basis for design, simulation and cooperation through all stages of the construction project, 3. Drones - which significantly reduce the time and resources needed for photogrammetry and mapping

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