Role of Massive Open Online Courses in Indian Education System



Abstract : Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have emerged as one of the most potential tool to   support   quality education and   provide training to huge domain of audience worldwide. It reaches to mass of learners, scholars, scientists, professors, teachers and different stakeholders related to education. Promulgate knowledge is available on an efficient digital platform, apart from interlinking a huge network of students. In this paper, features of MOOC courses have been analyzed.  Competitiveness of MOOC platforms is studied and quality of content   and instructional design issues has been discussed. Some key issues related to MOOCs considering Higher Education system and its utilization by potential education market of India have been discussed. The author has also tried to suggest several possible way outs to implement in virtual learning environment pertaining to an Indian perspective. This article will give a necessary overview of what MOOCs are, how they execute, and some of their advantages and limitations.

Keywords: distance education, MOOC Platform, massive open online courses, MOOCs, digital education.

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