Vermicomposting of Municipal Solid Waste by using an Indigenous Species of Earthworm Perionyx excavates.

Sunita Mongjam, Mithra Dey, N Mohilal Meitei



Vermitechnology is widely being used as an organic solid waste management strategy. The research work deals with harvesting of organic rich compost called vermicompost from municipal solid waste by utilizing Perionyx excavates. During vermicomposting Perionyx excavates ingest the solid organic waste and after bioconversion process it is expelled as vermicast which is called as vermicompost. These vermicompost are odourless, dark brown in colour and have a rich nutrients of organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, manganese , copper, Zinc and iron . Study of growth parameters shows that the indegineous species Perionyx excavates have high growth parameter and biomass production. Increase in C,N,P,K,Mn,Cu,Zn,and Fe  content in vermicompost was observed.  Thus, in the present agricultural scenario vermicomposting plays a very important role in organic farming.

Keywords: Vermitechnology, Municipal solid waste, Perionyx excavates, Vermicompost.

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