Anjali Vivek Chopra, Hani Jain


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the external cues on apparel web sites that encourage impulse buying.Design Methodology/Approach: Primary research was first conducted to identify potential external cues on apparel web sites. The findings from the research were then used to create an appropriate coding guide. A content analysis of 20 apparel web sites was then conducted to assess the extent to which external trigger cues of impulse buying are available on apparel web sites.Findings: From the research four mutually exclusive thematic categories, consisting of 20 external trigger cues of impulse buying, were identified; sales, promotions, ideas, and suggestions. A content analysis of these external impulse buying cues was presented. A correlation analysis indicated a positive relationship between retailers' web sales and the amount of external cues present on their web sites.Research Limitations/Implications: The findings from the study suggest that the amount of external trigger cues of impulse buying may be a factor that affects a retailer's profitable success by encouraging online impulse purchases. Not so successful online retailers therefore should consider offering more external impulse trigger cues (e.g. sales, promotions, purchase ideas, and suggested items) on their web sites to increase potential impulse purchases. A coding guide developed in the study can be used by online apparel retailers to assess their marketing strategies. For consumers, the findings of the study inform consumers of factors that may encourage impulse purchases.

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