Sumedha Kalia, Urvashi Kalra, Rajni Kamboj


Timely adoption of Electronic-banking is significant for all banks to have secure future business. Banks are facing extremely intensive competition from non-banking sector, thus they have adopted a more aggressive approach to fight competitors for financial services’ market share. As bank wants to move very nearer to the customers, increase its basic operational strategies, move towards international trade, need of quick transfer of money, which motivated researchers to introduce a new structure and era i.e. Electronic Banking. E-Banking referring to all banking transactions completing through internet applications has become a hot topic in the related literature. The Banking Industry is stepping ahead by adopting new technology and creating new milestones in this competitive World. This paper presents a study about the recent trend and development of electronic banking in State Bank of India. The research objective is to investigate various factors influencing customers’ perception and satisfaction level towards E-Banking. It further throws light on types of E-Banking services, certain emerging issues and challenges, benefits available to them and the factors influencing the decision of the customers towards the State bank of India E -Banking services. To make this study more authentic primary data is collected from the respondents of two cites of Haryana and statistical tools are used for analysis and to reach on valid conclusion.

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