Floral biology, pollination and breeding mechanism in Bamboo orchid (Arundina graminifolia (D.Don) Hochr. growing in Meghalaya, North East India

Devika Jana, Venugopal Nagulan


Arundina graminifolia (D.Don) Hochr. is commonly known as bamboo orchid with high population density in Mawsynram and Sohra. The lifespan of flowers ranged from 10-15 days. The flowering time of A. graminifolia can be witnessed from first week of April till middle weeks of November with June and July being the peak months. The entire reproductive phase is correlated with optimum temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. The flowers have been observed as a pollinator generalist recording a total of 14 insect species of the order Dipteran, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera and Thysanoptera and have evolved as a deceptive orchid growing in isolation in-order to attract naive insects with their showy labellum. Breeding system showed Autogamy to have the highest success rate of pollination 92.67% while open pollinated recorded the least with a fruit set per inflorescence of 56.67%.

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